Please add FLOKI

Hey, can you please add FLOKI to the currencies? Thanks a lot in advance.

It looks like there are several FLOKI coins with the same ticker. Just to make sure we add the right one can you send us the correct name / contract address for the token?

Also, since they have the same ticker we’ll also need to have our developers fix this in the back end.

Name: Floki Inu (FLOKI)
ETHEREUM contract address: 0x43F11C02439E2736800433B4594994BD43CD066D
BINANCE SMART CHAIN contract address: 0x2B3F34E9D4B127797CE6244EA341A83733DDD6E4

We’ve just added FLOKI to our database. Can you try syncing the transactions again?

Let us know if there are still any issues.