Please add Kawakami Inu (KAWA)

Because of a an hack & relaunch there are two contract, could you add both ?

  1. 0x546aed37d202d607f45cbd2b8c0cad0d25fbe339 - Current One
  2. 0x17a4ae8b1ea75d51ab0f2875b80452f7e34c272a - Hacked One

Many thanks

Only one KAWA token is listed on Coingecko which has price data from June 16 this year. We store only price data for a single token/ticker even in the case of multiple contract addresses (eg. contract migration, same token on multiple chains, etc).

Services such as Etherscan don’t provide historical price data, so we are always relying on third-party sites such as Coingecko and Coinmarketcap for this.

KAWA has been added now with price data starting from June 16!