Please add Manta Pacific tokens

Please add Manta Pacific tokens to the database.




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Hi there.
Your post got caught by a spam filter

We did have Manta network token in our database. But it has only been listed since 2024-01-18, so prices will not be available for transactions before this date

I added Wrapped USDM just now. It has price data since 2023-12-28

I also added STONE (Stakestone ETH), which has prices since 2023-11-22

You might need to delete the transactions and resync the wallet for the tokens to be identified

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Thank you for your response.

I re-imported the data using the API, but the “Missing Market Price” has not been corrected.

The same phenomenon still occurs for all MANTA, STONE, and WUSDM data.

Please check again.

If you want me to check your account, you will need to contact support directly.
These tokens were added yesterday, but your transactions may be using a different contract address.
I can’t check that unless I know which account this is from

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Email sent to Coinpanda Help Desk.
Please check it.
Thank you.

Hi Ballmaru,

All tokens were added as Ruben said, but we had to do a few manual updates to identify them correctly from Manta Pacific which is fixed now.

Please check again by reimporting the transactions, and let us know if you still see any issues related to this.

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I have confirmed that the token price has been reflected.
Thank you!

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