Please add SolarBeam (SOLAR)

Hi. Please add SOLAR.

Contract: 0x8a1F70bc0cf40F8CdcA719239dD08c290683DABB


Contract: 0xB1e55092fEbb6b830c265D6B0E33514B963a7A68

These are both on the Moonriver network, if you can also add that…?


Hey James!

Thanks for letting us know about this. I will check in with the dev-team and I’ll get back to you.

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Hi James,

SOLAR and MOVR have both been added.

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Hi. Please check on SOLAR, there are a couple different tokens with that name. I posted the wrong contract address in my first post. The one I’m after is “SolarBeam.” Docs are here: Contracts -

Looks like the correct token contract is: 0x6bD193Ee6D2104F14F94E2cA6efefae561A4334B


We have now added SolarBeam and made this the default token with symbol SOLAR

Any status on Moonriver network/wallet ? Would like to add my metamask

We will most likely be releasing API integration with Moonriver tomorrow if the last internal testing goes well. I will post a new update when it’s ready!