Please Add The Following Tokens

I’ve imported 99% of my wallets and I have noticed that you are missing the following tokens. I’ve added their blockchain(s) and respective addresses. Please let me know if some will not be possible.

Cindrum (CIND):

IxiCash (IXI):

Let’s Go Brandon (LGB):

BlockchainSpace (GUILD):

Town Star (TOWN):

Shaman King Inu(SHAMAN):

SolChicks Token (CHICKS):

Pegaxy(PGX): 0xc1c93D475dc82Fe72DBC7074d55f5a734F8cEEAE

Atari Token (ATRI):

Chain Games (CHAIN):

Xaya (CHI):

Realm (Realm):



governance ZIL (GZIL):


The tokens have been added to the database. You may need to resync the wallets for the changes to apply.


Thank You. I’m still having trouble with the following coins…the contract addresses I gave are correct, however, I think their ticker may be off based on what I’m seeing in my wallet. So on CoinMarketCap Atari’s ticker is ATRI. However, in my wallet it looks like bATRI. Perhaps this is why it’s failing.

Here is the list of fails and the Tickers I am seeing in my wallet holding. I had hoped sending the contract address would fix this as when I traded in Pancake swap I used those addresses.

Chain Games (CHAIN) = bCHAIN
Xaya (CHI) = wCHI
Atari (ATRI) = bATRI

I have staked GUILD, is this why GUILD is failing?
Guild = sGUILD

The ticker is correct on this…however it still is not showing

Can you try deleting the wallet and re-importing the transactions? There was an issue before where the ticker was being imported with small letters causing issues but our devs created a script to update all the symbols to uppercase letters.

If it still did not update let us know. It may be caused by something else then. We are also planning on updating the system so it identifies the token information automatically using the contract address so in the future you no longer need to request to add tokens manually.

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Okay I deleted and reimported the wallet. Chain Games (bCHAIN) was fixed…but it looks like atari and xaya on the BSC use a capital for the first letter: BATARI and WCHI. Hmm.

Guild is same:

I checked the database again and we do have CHI in the database but not wrapped CHI (WCHI). This is the same for the other two tokens. Since these are not yet in Coingecko’s database we are unable to add them.

For now you can manually change the token in the transaction page and edit the value for each. Once we also release the update where we pull the token info using the contract address it should resolve issues like this.

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