Please repair Thorchain

Hi and thanks for the good Product!

I’m trying to sync my Thorchain wallet for some Days now, but it always says “0 transactions”.
You already mentioned this could happen on the instructions page, but I tried several times and no change.
When I search here for Thorchain, there’s only one Post. It’s from October last Year, announcing the Integration. Maybe the API has changed?

It would be really helpful if you can get it to work. I’m trying a lot of Tax Services the last Months and you’re the only one supporting Thorchain.
I have to rebuild all my txns from 2013 to today… My last tax Service was CryptoTax, and they are closing soon, as it was sold some time ago.

Hi Tobias
There does indeed appear to be an issue with Thorchain. Sorry about that. I’ve notified the dev team, and they should be able to fix this.

I checked some other wallets/addresses and it looks like it was working fine up until a few weeks ago.
When I hear back from the devs, I’ll get back to you. I’ve given them your Thorchain address for testing

Thanks for your answer, looking forward to get back from the devs!

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Hi @Tobias75 and welcome to the forums!

We are much aware of the issues with the Thorchain API. We have, in fact, experienced issues with this since the integration was launched originally. We couldn’t find any replacement API the last time we researched this, but we can research this again a few weeks from now to see what we can do.

We will try to post an update toward the end of January, but feel free to post here again if you don’t hear from us!

I forgot to ask, but have you checked if you can export the complete transaction history from a block explorer or another service?

We can add support for this CSV file ASAP as a temporary solution until we find a more suitable API service.