Polkadot and Kusama bonded funds should show as part of your wallet total

When you bond funds in Polkadot and Kusama they no longer show as part of your wallet total. I think they should, though, and other currencies do show in your wallet on CoinPanda when they are staked so it would be consistent. They are technically delegated elsewhere I think but ultimately they still belong to you so I think it makes sense to see them as part of your wallet funds.

Correct, if you have a holding of a token (staked or otherwise) you should claim it for your taxes. For bonded funds I am not quite sure, but with more information on what shows on the blockchain I could tell you more. What can be imported from an address is dependent on what information is available on the blockchain. If something is not importing that you think should be, please message us in the chat once you are logged into your account. With the wallet name the address we can check for you.

Hey @Trappist-One !

I believe we are already doing that, please see screenshot below.

If not - can you provide us an address so we can look into it?

Interesting, yes, it does look that way in your screenshot. But in my CoinPanda dashboard it only shows the holdings that are in my wallet, not the ones that are bonded. Just re-synched my wallet to verify.

Yeah, I’d be happy to. Don’t want to share it publicly though, how should I proceed?

Hi @Trappist-One,

No need to share your address publicly. If you send us a private message in the live chat once you’re logged in then we’ll be able to know the account registered to you. And we’ll be able to check your address. Just let us know the context of the issue again so we know it’s you, and we’ll look into this.