Portfolio of imported wallets is wrong

Hi i have a Problem with my imported wallets. The shown portfolio is totally wrong there a big assets with USD and EUR what i don´t have. I imported the API (FTX) with subaccounts. The Wallets are all right its just the problem with the portfolio. Is the tax report right or wrong than?

I tried to contact the live chat since 5 days. No reply…

Still no answer … no support great product …

Hi there,

If you have contacted us in the live chat or by email you should have heard from us earlier, but I will provide an answer here as well since this might be relevant for other users also.

First of all, it’s important to understand that the total balance shown on the Dashboard page and in the PDF report is calculated based on transactions imported. We do know that a few other crypto tax platforms are considering the balance fetched from API directly instead which means that you might see a different balance on those platforms than you see on Coinpanda. Calculating the balance from API instead of the transactions imported has both a few cons and pros:

  • Pro: The balance will be 100% accurate in most cases. This will ensure that the balance displayed on the Dashboard page will always reflect your true holdings.
  • Con: Because the balance is accurate, you might think that all transactions are imported 100% correctly so that also your capital gains calculations are accurate. This means that even if you have lots of missing transactions resulting in wrong tax calculations, the balance displayed will still be accurate giving you a false impression that all data has been imported correctly.

I should also mention that we are working on an update to the Dashboard page that will let you choose whether the portfolio balance will be calculated from data imported (as now) or from the API directly.

It can be many reasons why you see a deviation for your USD/EUR holdings. I would start by checking if all deposits and withdrawals from FTX have been imported and classified correctly. We are also aware that FTX does automatic conversions between different stablecoins and USD, and this data is not provided by their web interface nor the API. The only way to fix this is to add a manual transaction for stablecoin/USD conversion.

We have also written a help article about the Dashboard balance that might provide some clarity: The portfolio balance on Coinpanda does not match what I have | Coinpanda Help Center. This article also explains how you can adjust the balance to match your actual holdings.

To answer your question if your tax report is right or wrong:
This depends on several factors. Deviations in fiat currency balances will NOT affect your capital gains in the tax report because we don’t include gain/loss for disposal of fiat currency by default (you can change this on the Settings page). The most important thing to consider about the tax calculations is if you have any “Missing balance…” warnings. You can check this by filtering for “Need review” on the Transactions page. Small deviations will almost always occur, but larger deviations should be checked in more detail if you want to minimize your taxable gains. Here’s an article that explains this more in detail: How to ensure accuracy of tax calculations | Coinpanda Help Center

I hope this was somewhat helpful and explained more in detail how we calculate your total portfolio balance. Just reply here if you have any other questions related to this!