Referral Program

For those of us who do not want any money for referrals because we recommend based in our belief in the products capabilities and direction, is there a way to have a referral link that doesn’t give us money? I want to be able to post a referral link without being accused of shilling. I know I can just post the URL but this would be nice too.

The discount would be nice to incent them to join, but I don’t want anything. Any way to make that happen?

First of all, thanks so much for the vote of confidence in Coinpanda. We really appreciate your continued support and we are definitely working hard to become the best in the business :slight_smile:

Let me bring this up in one of our meetings and see if this is something that our developers can implement.

Thanks again for your support.

First of all, thanks for the positive feedback! :pray:

To answer your question: to actually get paid any referral rewards, you will need to request a payout to a PayPal email now since this is not done automatically from our side. So you can use your referral link but simply not request any payouts if you don’t want that.

Maybe I misunderstood something, but did this answer your question?

I want to be able to have a link from you, that refers without me getting any compensation. Just call it a loyalty referral.

No payout, just a referral acknowlegment. Too many people are out shilling for their own benefit. I would like to be able to refer but get gain from it. So I was in a chat session with 20 other people and someone asked about taxes and I mentioned I have subscriptions to several but I like Coinpanda best. I would have liked to be able to post a link as a “referral” but one that doesn’t give me anything. If I make money, then I am not referring, I am selling. basically a no compensation referral. I know I could just post the website URL, but it would be nice to track how many folks sign up because of me, even if I don’t get paid.

Make sense now?

That makes sense, and that’s why in the previous reply I suggested that you use the referral link from the referral page. Commissions are not paid out automatically, you have to actually request this to get paid.

You can therefore still post your unique referral link anywhere, track the number of people who sign up and also how many pay for a tax plan later, but still not receive any commission by simply not requesting a payout.

I assume this is what you want, right?