Rename FTX to FTX Pro

As FTX is now the ex Blockfolio, and the actual coiinpanda implementation refers to the exchange i suggest to:
Rename FTX to FTX Pro and the actual Blockfolio to FTX (ex Blockfolio) (that AFAIK have no CSV export function neither API)

That’s a good point, and we will definitely rename Blockfolio.

However, we think that FTX (the exchange) should still be named FTX since FTX Pro seems to only refer to the mobile app and not the main website/exchange. I think also it would be confusing for many users if the previous Blockfolio app will be named FTX.

The best solution imo is to rename Blockfolio → FTX (Blockfolio), and keep FTX and FTX US as it is now.

Blockfolio did have an API service back in 2017/2018 but it was removed several years ago. We have support for CSV files from Blockfolio currently, but they also removed the functionality for exporting this file from within the app several years ago.

Not sure what the current status is, but hopefully they will add some way of exporting the transaction history in the future, especially now that they also offer crypto trading within the app. I will add it to our research list.

Yep about FTX Pro this is pretty confusing as “Pro” is only shown in the mobile app icon, in the same way, the ex Blockfolio app is just named “FTX” (on the play store the name is exactly “FTX (ex Blockfolio)”, unfortunately I found no export method in the app :frowning:

If you are interested, I can try to search for an unofficial (undocumented) API (looking at the mobile app traffic)

We researched the undocumented Blockfolio API extensively back in 2019 but we came to the conclusion that this was not possible to use at that time. All endpoints we tried to connect to returned different errors in the response, so it seems it was only working until sometime in 2017/2018. Back then, you could locate a special app id on the Settings page in the app which would be used to fetch data from the API, but I believe this was also removed in a later app update.

Have you checked if you can either create API keys or locate any app/user id from the app now?

There is a token in the profile section, but idk for what it should be used

TokenTax has had an exclusive “partnership” with Blockfolio since a few years ago and I believe this token in the screenshot can only be used with the API integration on Tokentax.

We sent a few emails back and forth with Blockfolio about this asking if they would also allow other third parties to use their API, but the answer we get was that the API was exclusive only for TokenTax, which is really a shame.

Now that FTX bought Blockfolio this will hopefully change in the future. I will contact Blocfolio/FTX again this week to see if we can possibly access this API now or in the future.

Just asked few hours ago from the support of the app, looking forward for a response, I’ll keep you updated :slight_smile:

We just contacted Blockfolio again now. Will post an update here when we hear back.

Let us know if you also get an answer from them! Fingers crossed that they will allow us access to their API :crossed_fingers:

We (finally) received an update from Blockfolio: they said they will integrate Blockfolio/FTX app with the FTX API towards the end of this year. We will make sure to keep an eye out for this and start working on the integration as soon as this becomes available.

Great news for all Blockfolio/FTX users!

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Today they replied to my Ticket, just saying that they are able to export all transactions to CSV sending it to email, to have it should be asked via a support ticket.

i’ve sent the sample CSV they sent me to coinpanda using the import feature on Blockfolio wallet (I have just few deposits)

(The from email was [email protected] )

any update on this was the API implemented by FTX?

Unfortunately no updates here yet.

FYI i’ve also (re)tried the upload of the CSV got via the support (uploaded to the wallet that is still named “Blockfolio”) but seems also this CSV still unsupported :frowning:

EDIT: i just contacted FTX support to get the updated CSV, they explicit asked if these are needed for the tax report, and added the files in the specific section of the app, unfortunately i think these are manually updated by the support

PS. yes, i’ve uploaded the 3 CSV to coinpanda Blockfolio wallet, still unsupported, hoping to see these soon.

FYI, FTX App now have in the security settings the option to create an API key, so the wallet can be added as FTX

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That sounds great! Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: