Scam Coin

I have this coin in my BSC wallet transactions on coinpanda:

However, when I go to my actual BSC wallet and import the official token address for Vera via coin gecko (0x4a0a3902e091cdb3aec4279a6bfac50297f0a79e). I have 0 vera tokens. This looks like a scam coin ??? I’m sure there are plenty but just letting you know as it seems to have been added to your database.



The contract address of the VERA token we have in our database is 0xd7f0cc50ad69408ae58be033f4f85d2367c2e468 (Vera price today, chart, market cap & news | CoinGecko)

Can you confirm if you have any VERA tokens at all? If not, then most likely it is probably just a scam token. If you have a receive transaction for this token you can just mark it as “Ignore” so it doesn’t get included in the calculation.

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I do not have vera tokens (wish I had that many). The FROM address for the transaction is : 0x0df62d2cd80591798721ddc93001afe868c367ff

After checking BSC scan it looks like the address has been implicated in a phishing scam.

Ok, you can just mark the receive transaction for this as “Ignore” instead so it doesn’t get included in calculations.

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