Scam token how to correctly hide

I just received few scamtoken on my address, the first main real issue is that these will be classified by coinpanda as the official one, i think a strict check on the contract address or at least on name should be done, but more than this, i’va basically followed the solution 2 proposed here to hide these tokens, but these are still shown in my holdings:

and also the chart looks broken (high up when received the token than goes down in the day when i selected to ignore the transaction):

is there a way to fully sanitise this mess?

Scam tokens like ALPACA can be an issue, but there is no easy fix to avoid this 100% completely in the future. The simple reason is that there is no official record/ledger that tracks which tokens are “scam tokens” or dust attacks. There are many tokens with the same symbol that both have a high market cap and are traded on reputable exchanges, so by default we will need to import all transactions directly from API or CSV/XLSX files and save the ticker/symbol as it is.

Due to this, we cannot automatically identify which tokens should be ignored such as ALPACA which was airdropped to all BSC wallets earlier this year. What we can do, however, is to add a special check during the import process for scam tokens that we are currently aware of. This is on our to-do list and will be updated sometime in the next 2-3 weeks. We will still import the ALPACA transaction after this update, but the token will not be identified as the “real” ALPACA token and your balance will therefore also not be messed up.

The best solution for now is to tag the transaction as Ignore as you said. Your chart should look normal if you tagged the transaction where you received ALPACA as Ignore (since this means you never actually received any ALPACA and thus it is never included in the portfolio calculation). Can you please double-check again that you tagged the Receive tx as Ignore? The easiest way is to filter for ALPACA in the Currency dropdown.

If you still see this portfolio spike on the Dashboard, then please contact us in the live chat so we can look into this and identify what is causing this.

Actually the spikes are gone, probably it was a subsequent issue of Wallet stuck on syncing

I still see these tokens in the wallet holdings, but not in the main portfolio, probably nothing that I can do about it

The wallet balance is fetched live from the API which is why you still see these tokens there. We will see if we can also ignore/hide this when we start working on the update I mentioned in a few weeks.

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