Solana API integration

Hello everyone!

As you may know, we released the API integration with Solana a few weeks ago, but we discovered shortly after that we had to use a different API service instead. We have therefore done the API integration from scratch again which was completed today. This means that you will need to delete all prior transactions imported and then run the API sync again. Here are a few other important notes about the Solana API:

  • Only SOL and SPL transfers can be imported now
  • Smart contract calls affecting your SOL balance cannot be imported now, but we will add support for this as soon as we can in the future
  • The API does not provide adequate data about complex transactions such as liquidity mining and other DeFi related transactions
  • The API does not provide correct details such as ticker symbols for all tokens. This means that you might need to manually update the ticker for some transactions on the Transactions page.

Improving the Solana integration is one of our highest priorities, and we will keep a close eye on the different API services to make sure that we update the integration as soon as we can in the future.

We will post future updates about Solana here. We would also love to hear feedback or suggestions from you guys since many of you may be able to contribute and help us improve the integration. A win-win for everyone :slight_smile: