Some suggestions to help finding portfolio discrepancy

As i’m managing to have my portfolio balance fixed, i would suggest to add 3 features that can help a lot:

  1. hyperlink when clicking on a portfolio asset from the dashboard that will go to the transaction page with the filter on currency already in place
  2. a function that will compare total portfolio asset value, with the sum of all wallets holdings (in most case directly fetched from the APIs but not actively used by coinpanda) if it does not match, show a warning mark with an hyperlink to transaction page with filter on both asset and category missing transfer (and also need review probably…)
  3. more in general, a most advanced filtering possibilities on transactions, have a really nice query syntax but also miss some feature like “ignore transaction under x value”
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Yes, this would be useful.

More on no 3:
Filter 1 transaction to see everything gone inn & out of a coin.
Would be nice to see the transaction id in the list, so its easier to tag as cost/reward etc

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Thanks for these suggestions. We’re working on an update to add more functionality to the transactions page, as well as customization in the settings. I’ll make sure the Lead Dev takes a look at your suggestions.

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About the 2, this is an example of how koinly manage the discrepancy warning (it also allow to see % of allocation on each wallet)

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Thanks for the suggestions guys. We are working on a lot of big upgrades right now including NFT support, improved portfolio calculation, and many other things, so we will start looking into this as soon as we have some free capacity.

Will keep you updated on any news/updates here!

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know that we have started on a big update to everything related to balance and portfolio calculation. We are also brainstorming different features we will add. Will keep you posted on the progress and share any news when we have.


do we have any update on thee features?

Hi there,
Yes and no. We don’t have a timeline for any specific feature. But we have begun rebuilding the front-end from scratch, in a way that will allow us to implement all kinds of features such as these and make the whole experience more fluid and responsive

And to build on suggestion #3, having a sub-total on the transactions would be helpful. For example, when you put in a filter, it provides a few pieces of information in the grey lettering at the bottom. If you could include certain values like either total amount of coins for that “filter” or even the calculated cost basis, that would be awesome!

How much did I make on X coin in the last 3 months (gain/loss)?

How many coins did I mine over the past X weeks?

Not even sure how to do that sort of analysis. It is good to hear you are starting to work on a new front end, look forward to seeing the enhancements!