Spain - Tag for Crypto transactions received as salary

I have received several salaries in crypto in the past year. In spain, these transactions are not taken as capital gains, they are just taxed as normal income. How can I tag these transactions?

Hi there,
Apologies for the delay. (Although I think I answered your message via support chat earlier)

The “Income” label can be applied to any Receive transaction. That will classify the token value as normal Income in your tax report.

Do keep in mind that when you sell the crypto for fiat, any appreciation or depreciation of the token value will be factored into your capital gains.

For example, if you received $1000 worth of BTC as a salary, the $1000 will be added to your total Income in your tax report. But then, when you sell that BTC for Fiat, if it is now worth $1100, you will have a capital gain of $100 on that sale.

Of course, the capital gains calculation would also factor in all your other BTC transactions, according to your chosen calculation method