Support for Hector Protocol

Hi, requesting support for the Ohm-fork Hector. Its missing price information on both HEC and sHEC, the liquidity-pools(which are on spiritswap and spookyswap) and overall support for staking and bonding. Im guessing it is quite simular to time and other Ohm-forks, would love for this to work on your plattform.

I’ve added Hector (HEC) to the database but I’m unable to add sHEC since we are only able to add coins that are recognized by Coingecko.

For liquidity pools - if you can export the transactions into a CSV file and import them into the system we can take a look at how those transactions shows up and we can see if we can possibly add support for it.

sHEC will always be the same as HEC
s is for “staked”

Like (please add all if anyone is missing)
sOHM = OHM (eth)
sKLIMA = KLIMA (polygon)
sGYRO = GYRO (bsc)
sXEUS = XEUS (bsc)
sJADE = JADE (bsc)
sHEC = HEC (fantom)
sSPA = SPA (fantom)

Only ohm fork Ive seen thats different, is wonderland on avalanche

Staked value shows in wallet and usually gets larger every 8 hours without transaction, so you guys need to track what we stake, since all value over staked will be income when we unstake it.
There is also bonding you guys need to add, thats when we buy coins with DAI and get HEC.
Ive sent my wallet address to “William”, you should be able to check how stuff works there on bonding, staking and unstaking

This is noted and we will look into this later. We need a bit of time to study and understand how this works before we can make any updates if necessary.