Swedish tax issue K4 for losses

I had coinpanda generate my K4 form (sweden) for my taxes. My FTX margin trades were accounted for in section C, which is good since those losses are 100% deductable. Unfortunately, I received a letter from skatteverket saying that they want to change those losses to section D which are only 70% deductable. This is a significant change for my tax bill ($6000).

Can anyone explain why coinpanda puts margin trades (USD based) in a different reporting category than regular spot trades? And how can I explain to the tax agency why it is supposed to be done like this?

My theory was that since it was futures trading based on USD, I didn’t make any crypto trades (only gained or lost dollars when I closed the trade). Currency, exchange rates, and interest rate gains and losses are suppposed to go in section C.

Thank you for any help you can provide

Hi Mike,
Apologies for the delay.

Can you send a message to support chat or open a ticket in Discord so we can check your report?

Hi @Mike_Palm and thanks for reporting this. We will look at this ASAP and post any updates as soon as possible.

K4 will be updated shortly to reflect these changes you have mentioned :slight_smile:

@Mike_Palm K4 has been updated now. I will close the thread but let us know if the chat if you have any other questions.