Tax Report for Italy

Tax report for italy is still pretty confusing but as today we need 2 particular value that coinpanda is not showing clearly and i was wondering if there is possibly to have it from coinpanda:

  • the max value (in €) of our portfolio in specific year, with a 7 day average (if this value exceeds 51.645,69€ gains are taxable)
  • the sum of all cash-in and cash-out, intended as FIAT deposits and FIAT withdrawal (this will be easy if we can have some sort of export on the transaction list)

Thanks, will check with the team to see if this is possible.

We are aware that Italy has some special tax rules that we plan to implement in the near future. Don’t have an ETA yet, but I hope that sometime in December we can have this on our roadmap with an ETA.

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