Temple Wallet Sync - amount not correct

The auto-sync sees 10x the amount of TZ I have in my wallet. Can that be fixed somehow? Don’t want to pay taxes on that. lol


This looks simply like a decimal error on our side. Should be a quick fix.

Can you verify if the imported transactions are the correct amount?

Thanks for the response! The transactions are all incorrect also, but strangely in the opposite direction. They are smaller than they should be by a decimal from what it looks like (e.g. 0.1 instead of 1.0).

Thanks for clarifying that. We haven’t heard about any issue with the Tezos integration before, but it sounds like the API service has made some changes lately. We will look into it next week and post an update here when it has been fixed!

Just wanted to let you know that we have made some updates to Tezos integration the last few days. Still working on a few improvements so that all transactions including contract calls are imported. Will probably be completed tomorrow or on Thursday.

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Looks good now! Thanks!!!

That’s good to hear! We are still working on some improvements because not all contract calls are identified correctly. We want to make sure that the Tezos integration is 100% accurate so we are putting some effort into this now.

Closing this thread.