Token Search Function

Is there a way to search for a particular token in the transaction section? I’m unable to find anything. Currently having to look through each transaction for one particular token which is very time consuming. Or be able to click the token from the dashboard in the “your portfolio” section.

Hi Streakin
You can filter your transaction list by specifying a token in the Currency field

You can type the name or ticker symbol of the token, then click on it when it shows up and it will filter your transaction list.

The list of tokens populates according to which tokens are most prominent in your transaction history as well, so the one you are looking for will often show up automatically

:man_facepalming:. Thank you!!! I must have overlooked it.

To follow up on what Ruben said, the Currency dropdown on the Transactions page will show ALL currencies that are saved from your complete transaction history.

One of the first checks we recommend users do is review the list and ensure they recognize all currencies. If one or several currencies are imported wrong or not recognized, ping us in the live chat and we will fix that for you, as it usually requires us to make a small update on the backend.

I also want to mention that we are releasing a brand new website in about two weeks with other more advanced filter options. In the near future, we will also add functionality to filter tokens by contract address :slight_smile: