Total Proceeds

Is there a way to get a report on what Coinpanda considers “Total Proceeds”?

I am a miner so the largest proceed/income I have is falling into your mining/staking category, but there is a large difference between this and “total proceeds” but what I am trying to figure out is what else is in that number?

Is there a listing of transactions for this?

Hi there!

Income from mining is not included in the Total Proceeds value. Transactions tagged as Receive (Mining) for example are only included in the income summary since you have simply received coins and not sold anything yet. Your total proceeds are the total sales price from coins sold or disposed of.

If you want to verify the total proceeds manually, you can always export the Transaction History CSV file from the Tax Reports page which includes all your transactions together with the calculated values. I’m not 100% sure if the sales price is included in the CSV file, but please check and let us know if it’s not :slight_smile: