Total value is about $100 high

If I add up all the values of all the assets in all wallets and coin types, I come out with a number around $100 less than the total value show in the dashboard. Is there something I’m not understanding?


Hi Tim

Most likely there is a difference between the ‘calculated’ and ‘reported’ balance for one or more of your assets. But I can’t confirm that without checking your account directly, which we can do if you reach out via support chat, which is encrypted.

The list of crypto balances on the dashboard are obtained from the Token Balance data of the APIs that are connected to the wallets. Secondly, they are obtained from CSVs and or edited/manual transactions.

There may be an exchange or blockchain that is not sending every type of transactions via API, which causes a mismatch between the Reported (from API) balance, and the Calculated balance (from the transactions data).

Transaction data from an Exchange does not always contain Fiat withdrawal transactions, which might ‘inflate’ your total value with a Remaining Fiat balance.
If there is 0 Fiat in your Reported balances, then that might not show up clearly in the Dashboard, since it prioritizes API balance data for accuracy

But since such discrepancies are often related to the quirks of specific exchanges, blockchains or protocols. It would be too much to list here.

If you reach out via support chat and let us have a look at your data, we can probably find out pretty quickly.

By clicking on an asset in the dashboard, you can see a breakdown of both the reported and calculated balance for that asset in each of your wallets/addresses.

On the wallet page itself, you can also see a breakdown for individual wallets

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Thanks for getting back to me :slight_smile:
I looked at the dashboard and checked all assets, and reported and calculated and they are identical. I have no Fiat balance. I would think that if I look at the dashboard and add up all the dollar amounts in the “value” column, that I should come up with the same number the dashboard calculates as “total value”. If I don’t, then why not? I’m using your numbers. Yes, you can access my account and look at my data if that would be helpful.

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Hi Tim
I do not know with which Coinpanda account your forum id is associated with. You will need to reach out via support chat

I understand there might be some confusion about the difference between ‘calculated’ and ‘reported’ balances for your assets. Let me try to clarify this in a simpler way.

When you look at your crypto balances on the dashboard, these figures come from two main sources. Firstly, they’re drawn from the Token Balance data, which we receive via APIs connected to your wallets. Secondly, they can also come from CSV files or transactions you’ve entered manually.

Sometimes, there’s a mismatch between these two types of balances. The ‘reported’ balance is the one we get directly from APIs. But not all exchanges or blockchains send every transaction detail through these APIs. This is where the ‘calculated’ balance comes in. It’s derived from all the transaction data we have, including those not captured by the API.

For example, if an exchange doesn’t send details about Fiat withdrawals through the API, your total value might appear inflated due to a remaining Fiat balance that isn’t accounted for in the reported balance. This could lead to differences between what’s reported and what’s calculated.

Each asset in your dashboard has both reported and calculated balances, which you can view by clicking on the asset. This breakdown is also available for individual wallets on the wallet page.

If you are adding up the numbers on the dashboard, you are likely summing up the reported balance and comparing it to the Total value, which is a calculated balance.

These discrepancies often stem from specific characteristics of different exchanges or blockchains, which are too numerous to list here. However, if you contact us via our support chat, we can take a closer look at your account.

I hope this makes things a bit clearer

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OK, I’d like to do a support chat. I don’t see an option to open a chat (I’m using Edge on a Win11 desktop). Where is it?

I found it - duh - never mind.

Hi Tim, I see your message to us in the chat. I’ll respond to you there.


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