TraderJoe on Avalanche

TraderJoe has a staking program where you stake you Joe for xJoe.

Is it possible to add xJoe?

Avalanche contract address: 0x57319d41f71e81f3c65f2a47ca4e001ebafd4f33

The two most common LP pairs on the platform are Joe/AVAX & Joe/USDC. Adding to these pools returns a JLP token. Can these contracts be added to your LP database?

AVAX/JOE: 0x454E67025631C065d3cFAD6d71E6892f74487a15

JOE/USDC: 0x67926d973cD8eE876aD210fAaf7DFfA99E414aCf

Then the JLPs can be farmed for rewards, but entering your JLPs into the farms does not return a token.

Can farming be tracked in anyway if I supply contract ids?

Thank you

Please add:

Boofi: 0xB00F1ad977a949a3CCc389Ca1D1282A2946963b0

zBoofi: 0x67712c62d1DEAEbDeF7401E59a9E34422e2Ea87c


Please add

Asgardian Aereus (VOLT): 0xf5ee578505f4d876fef288dfd9fd5e15e9ea1318
Thors Mead (MEAD): 0x245c2591403e182e41d7a851eab53b01854844ce

Thank you kindly

For token information we use Coingecko’s database so if the token isn’t listed under Coingecko’s database we won’t be able to add it. You can add the token but it won’t have any price data, this you’ll have to add manually.

For xJOE this isn’t showing under Coingecko’s database so unfortunately we’re unable to add.

I’ll check if we can add the contracts to our LP database.

Regarding farming, I don’t think the system can properly track this yet. You can probably add a manual transaction and tag this as received rewards but hold off from doing this for now, let me check first if we are able to get the system to recognize the rewards automatically.

Boofi is already in our database but looks like it only has price data starting 10-02 in Coingecko. Transactions before that date may not have price information.
zBoofi isn’t in Coingecko’s database yet so we are unable to add.

For VOLT & MEAD I’ve already put in a request to add to the database.