Transactions Wallet Label versus Edit Label

When I’m on the transactions page it doesn’t know the FROM wallet and says it’s “Unknown”. However, when I click on the transaction to edit it knows the FROM wallet.

Same here:

When I click edit it knows it’s coming from the Changelly wallet, but when I see it in the transactions list it says some random looking wallet address.

Same with this transaction, another Coinbase one:

I just noticed this on my page as well. Several of my wallets now show as “unknown” on the transaction history page.

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Thanks, it looks like this may be an issue with the Coinbase API. I’ve reported this as a bug to our developers.

My issues are not with coinbase, FYI

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This looks to be a small bug on our side. Our developers will look into it ASAP. Just keep in mind that this doesn’t change any of the calculations, but it’s still a bug nonetheless

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