TurboTax not accepting transactions or gain/losses

Wallet sync worked fine. Exported both transactions and gain/losses CSVs and TurboTax will not accept either file. After manually adjusting the column names for transactions, TurboTax rejected the CSV due to duplicates in Transaction ID column. Gains/Losses was instantly rejected with no specific error message. I don’t want to spend any more time manually editing CSVs that were supposed to work and would like a refund.

Hi there,
I think I may have just replied to a chat message from you.

You have to make sure you are exporting the Turbotax Online CSV, which has the header format that Turbotax will accept.

You can find the Turbotax options by selecting Tax filing software from this menu

Our Capital gains CSV contains the same transaction data, but it has a different header format, so Turbotax won’t accept that one.

The transactions CSV is not required for Turbotax. This option would only be used if you do not have your long/short term gain/loss calculated yet.

Yes, that fixed it thank you. That one was my fault.

No worries. Glad it worked!

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