UK same day and 30 Day Bed and Breakfast tax rules not applied?

Looking at the way my profit and loss is being calculated it doesnt look like the UKs same day and 30 day bed and breakfast rules are being applied, can you confirm this is programmed in? It appears it is just a generic share pool without the HMRC rules on same day trades and trades within 30 days being their own separate pool.

What cost basis method do you have selected under the settings page? Can you also provide examples so we can check?

Hi Dan,

I can confirm that both the same-day and 30-day rule is implemented in the UK cost basis calculations. We added support for this back in 2020. Here is an article from September 2020 explaining the different rules we have implemented: Crypto Taxes in UK: Capital Gains & Share Pooling Explained

All calculations have gone through multiple audits and we are constantly doing fine-tuning to all different calculations to make sure it is as accurate as possible.

If you can provide some more details why you think it is an error, we can definitely try to look into that.