Unable to edit date on manual transaction

I created a manual transaction. When I tried to edit the date from the year 2022 to 2020, the new date would not save on the manual transaction. I had to delete the manual transaction and recreate a new manual transaction to modify the date.

Hi Jeff,
I was not aware of this issue. I will attempt to replicate this on my end and make sure the dev team has a look at this.

Was your transaction created directly in Coinpanda, or was it via a Custom CSV file?

Thanks. The transaction was manually created directly on Coinpanda through the website on a desktop browser

Thanks, that is good to know.
I was able to replicate the issue. Oddly enough, it only seems to occur when trying to change to 2020. There appeared to be no issues with other years.

In any case, I have notified the dev team about this, and they’ll smooth this out