"Update transactions" only applies operation to 1 transaction

Tried to select multiple transactions and “Add transaction tag”, but the tag is only applied to 1 transaction.

In addition the transaction list is reloaded for every change, which makes it a slow process to make changes on multiple entries.

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I told them about this a week or so ago. Hope they fix it soon.

Hi there,
I noticed this bug popped up a while back. The dev team is aware, and it should be fixed in the next update.

For very large amounts of unlabeled transactions, the best way is still to use the Generic CSV template to import them.

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Any update here? This one is pretty annoying.

All I know is the dev team is working on it. Things slow down during the weekend, but I expect it to be done early next week.
It is indeed annoying

This issue was fixed today. Tagging multiple transactions should be working now.

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