USDC swap to BUSD at Binance problem

I send some USDC to Binance, which Binance now automatically converts to BUSD, but your app is not registering this swap.
Also, earlier Binance swapped my USDC coins to BUSD, which I had on Binance and it seems to me that your APP did not register that swap either.

Hi Tim,
I have just been looking into this today. I believe that Binance API is not providing data for these conversions. I tried different endpoints to see if I could find them, but no sigar.

Our lead dev is going to look into this as well, to check if these transactions can be retrieved or not.

Hi @TimHH we added support for automatic BUSD conversions in the beginning of November last year.

Are you saying that you have imported your transactions from the Binance API, but the conversions were still not imported?