Yoroi Cardano Staking

Hi there! When importing from Yoroi wallet it says that transactions were successfully imported, but the wallet remains empty (even after refreshing). The amount shown in the Dashboard isn’t correct. I’m staking ADA in case that makes a difference. Thanks!

Hi, have you checked the transactions that were imported to make sure they are correct?

See the following help articles below -

Very helpful, thanks! Here are the issues I’ve found:

  1. I transferred ADA from Coinbase to Yoroi on Nov 18th. In transactions that showed up as a “transfer” from Coinbase to Yoroi and as a “received” in Yoroi, doubling up my holdings of ADA. It wasn’t recognized that this was the same transaction. I selected to “ignore” the “received” entry.

  2. Staking my ADA on Yoroi was (as your Staking and mining doc stated) registered as a “sent”. Per your advice, I chose “ignore”.

  3. A second “transfer” from Coinbase to Yoroi was registered only once (no double entry as “received” and such also no “sent” entry when I staked it).

  4. While making these “ignore” adjustment now causes my ADA holdings on the Dashboard to be correct, my Yoroi wallet “is empty” since it never registered any “received”. Is there any way to fix that?