Bank Transfer transactions?


My bank deposits from binance are not In my transactions is this bad for the tax, must i add this manually or is doing your site automatic in the tax.
When i must add this manually, what do I use for this receive ?
And for bank transfer (Euro) to my bank use i then send? .
Because my dashboard shows this euros in my portfolio but they not more there, they are on my bank.

Thanks for reply

i think this is a Binance API limitation, i also miss some trades where i bought directly with FIAT

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Hi Martin,

It is correct as @FrancYescO says that bank deposits are not imported from API. This is a limitation from Binance and nothing we can do about it now. You should be able to export an XLSX file of your fiat deposits + withdrawals. Your fiat balances should be accurate after uploading these two files.

However, doing this will not change any of your gain/loss calculations. Coinpanda does not require you to import any fiat deposits since gain/loss for fiat is not included by default. To get the correct EUR/USD balance in your tax report you will need to import also the deposits + withdrawals.

These transactions should be imported as Send/Receive, yes. If you cannot export this from Binance directly, I would recommend adding these transactions to the Coinpanda generic file: Import of generic Excel file | Coinpanda Help Center

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The Binance API does not provide data for crypto purchased with fiat directly. You will need to export the Buy/Sell Crypto History file from their website here:

How to export these files is also explained step-by-step in the instructions article you linked to.

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Thanks for the informations then will i add the fiat deposits/withdrawals manually.

We just discovered today that Binance made some updates to the API not long ago, and they provide access to fiat deposits/withdrawals + crypto bought/sold directly with fiat now. We will start updating the API integration next week and post an update here when that’s done.


i suggest you to keep the integration instruction page on coinpanda updated, as it until now have not reported this limitation about FIAT deposits

And probably there are other transactions that are “lost”:

  • launchpad/launchpool stacked assets
  • binance visa card spending (funding wallet spending)
  • binance visa card cashback

i’ve also noticed that the CSV exported using the “Generate all statements” function of binance (top right of this page that seems is comprensive of ALL transactions) is not managed by coinpanda and it fails to be imported

We did actually mention fiat deposits and crypto purchases with fiat on the instructions page, but we removed it last week when we discovered that it can be imported from the API. We will look into the other things you mentioned also.

About the Binance statements CSV: Yes, we are aware:) The reason is that they have added a new column to the CSV format. We will update this ASAP after finishing a lot of API updates we are currently working on.

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