Collection of bugs

Just opening this post to have a list of bug i personally seen using coinpanda and still not solved (i’ll try to keep the list updated deleting if the bug get solved):

  1. Nexo CSV import doubles FIAT (EUR) deposits (EUR to EURX shown as “Receive” instead of trade)
  2. Bitfinex API import, keep importing a deposit transaction with a date 1 day earlier (trades are imported with the correct datetime)
  3. Bitfinex TERRAUST not linked to UST currency
  4. Binance C9 not linked to C98 currency
  5. Binance API import does not consider Lauchpad/Launchpool
  6. APP to exchange transaction not matched (probably exchange API does not import deposits)
  7. HitBTC BCC (bitconnect) will be matched as BCH (Bitcoin cash) on coinpanda “won’tfix”
  8. Gemini API import does not import “Administrative Credit” transaction type (example the 5 BAT transaction rewarded when linking to brave browser)
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We’ll follow up with our dev team regarding this.

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We have some updates for a few of the issues you posted -

Bitfinex TERRAUST not linked to UST currency - This should already be fixed.
Launchpad - Has your account actually received tokens from Launchpad and also which particular project you invested in so we can try and see if we can find that data? APP to exchange transactions - There was an update released last week, can you try syncing the wallets again?
HitBTC BCC to BCH - You can manually change the token symbol for the transaction. Unfortunately we cannot fix this automatically as this would cause issues for other users as well.

For the other issues, our dev team is still looking into them and should have a fix within the next few weeks.

About binance, yes actually i have all my BNB in the DAR launchpool, but there is no “stacked in” transaction, so oviusly they are not calculated as spent, rewards are correctly calculated once reedemed, so the issue is only about the stacked currency

Ok for the other things :wink:

EDIT: on 16/11 i’ll move BNB to the PORTO launchpad, than i will stack back on DAR Launchpool after distribution (these movements are the transaction that coinpanda is not getting)

i noticed that i have a missing USDT>LUNA trade on exchange, is there any limitation in history?


Binance Launchpad + Launchpool: this has been noted and we’ll look more into this in a few weeks. We have a few other pending updates for Binance also. We updated this integration a few days ago, but realized shortly after that we ran into some new issues because we tried to reduce the total API sync time. We will need to revert some of these updates and do more internal testing before it gets updated again. Hopefully either tomorrow or Monday next week.

As far as we know, it should not be any limitations with this API for spot trades, deposits, and withdrawals.

Gemini: was updated today to import AdminCredit transactions.

Bitfinex: timestamp issue for Deposits fixed today

Perfect for Bitfinex and Gemini :slight_smile:

I’ll wait for the next updates on binance and side, and hopefully also for the nexo csv import

Hello, any update on this?
i think the 4 and maybe the 5 are solved somehow
i still have the issue on the 1 (nexo fia doubled)

Hey there, I’ll have to check with the team if we released any updates for Nexo but in the meantime can you delete and re-import the wallet again and let me know if there is any change?

Already done unfortunately the bug still here

Can you send screenshots of the Nexo transactions in the CSV file and how they show up now in Coinpanda? I’ll open a new report for this.

you detect is a EUR to EURX but is marked as “Fiat Received” instead of a trade, so is doubling the topups

Nexo export CSV:

Hi FrancYescO.
Sorry for the delay. I just got back to checking the forums and I’m seeing some posts that were missed.

Thanks for reporting this issue with Nexo. The lead dev may actually have seen this post already, so I’m going to check the dev log first to see if this is still happening.

I think the “exchange deposited” message there had us assuming that this was a fiat deposit