LP-Token staking on Minswap (Cardano)

i staked an LP-Token on Minswap and the corresponding Transaction gets marked as “Send LP Token”. I would like to change the transaction tag to “Sent to Staking Pool” so that this transaction doesn’t get taxed but it always immediately gets set back automatically. Is there a way to change this behaviour or is it actually intended?
Here is an example transaction ID: d12b9a7ce07c1d5fb2b590d58ac3ca2507727915eacfbaa5001e4b67a57f91b1

Hi tomu,

This seems like a bug on our end. We have made quite many changes this year to how liquidity transactions are imported and treated so we might have missed this.

We will look into it and have it fixed this week most likely.

Hi eivind,
super, thank you very much for your reply.
Here are all corresponding transaction ids:

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This issue should be fixed now !