Wrong decimals/thousands in Phantom Wallet

Hi everybody,
I think there might be a small bug in importing data from the Phantom wallet on Solana.
Coinpanda imported the token list correctly but with the wrong decimals. I have 1,669.572 ATLAS tokens and Coinpanda shows me an amount of 166,957.20000000. Instead, the SOL tokens (2.26848) are correct.
Best regards!

Hi, did you import the data using the API integration or you imported a CSV file?

Hi David, API integration!

Hi CryptoDoc!

And thanks for letting us know about this. We are in the midst of redoing our Solana integration from scratch using another API service. It looks like this update was released before we had completed all internal testing. We will make sure decimals are handled correctly, and I expect the integration will be finalized either on Monday or Tuesday next week.

You will need to delete all transactions :point_right: import from API again to have this fixed.

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Fantastic! I’ll be waiting for your new release.
Thank you!

Hi Andrea, I forgot to give an update but the Solana integration update was completed just a few days after my last reply here. I also created a post for this specifically: Solana API integration

If you have any other questions to Solana, please post in the Solana post instead! Thanks